Hello 🙂

My name is Rachel! As I have come to enjoy cooking more and more over the last year, I decided to create this blog, for your enjoyment and mine! Here I hope to share creativity to you through recipes that I experiment with.

First, let me explain why this blog is named The Little Rutabaga. My older sister pinned the nickname “Rutabaga” on my little sister proving that if “Pumpkin” can be an endearing name, so can “Rutabaga.” And since my little sister happens to be one of the best people in my life, and her nickname is a food and my blog is mainly about recipes, it just kinda fit. I thought and thought for days, asking my family for suggestions or inspiration for a blog title. Credit goes to my mom for the winning name!

Some things to know about me: Well, I like to cook. And I don’t like using recipes. Of course, I do until I figure out how to adapt it myself. That’s why I generally prefer cooking over baking. My favorite thing to bake, however, is cake or cupcakes. Frosting them is the best part! I love piping colorful designs and making them perty! I’ve never taken a cooking, baking, or decorating class but I like to learn as I go.

I have also enjoyed sewing since I was about 7. I am not as passionate about it anymore, but if I think of a cool project it can be very fun! I also like coloring with my little sister (the rutabaga!) I love to read and watch movies.

Enough about me…look around my blog for something YOU can try to get creative!